Hello people, this is Blast the Hedgehog here! This is the Dragon Ball and Sonic the Hedgehog Wikia! This has SOME fan characters out of the DB and StH series; 2 of them are mine. You, the people, can also put your DB and StH fan characters with their own powers, theme songs, and backstories! Bye!

This Wikia is here to write anything you may like about Sonic or Dragon Ball/Z/Kai/Super/GT. The way that I use it is that Classic Friends (1991-1997) goes with Dragon Ball, Middle Friends (1998-2005) goes with Dragon Ball Z/Kai, Modern Friends (2006-2013) goes with Dragon Ball Super, and Boom Friends (2014-????) goes with Dragon Ball GT.

Anywhere you people want to create your own page, just make it sensible, creative, and make it so that little kids could read it. NO profanity unless you use it as a QUOTE. (please :]) Okay, it's up to you guys to make this Wikia big and great. I'm looking forward to seeing your guys creations! See ya!

And also, can I have some help uploading pictures and MAYBE videos if you guys feel like it.

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Classic Sonic

Sonic the Hedgehog